3 – For Educators

Below are some resources you may find helpful. This is a new page  so feel free to suggest any useful online resources you may know of.  Thank you!



Jing, an online tool, allows you to capture what you see on your screen as an image, and then create annotations on it.  You can type, draw, and make highlights on the image.

Sploder – an online tool that allows your to make your own video game from up to four templates.

Show Me What’s Wrong is a free online tool that is very helpful when trying to assist someone with a computer problem, and the two of you are in different places.

Screenr is a web based tool that allows you to record screencast videos and then share them to various social media sites including youtube

Sketchcast is like using your computer screen as a whiteboard. Draw images and sketches, record, then embed into your blog or email.



AllThingsPLC – The All Things PLC website provides research, articles, data and tools to educators who seek information about Professional Learning Communities at Work™.

About -Professional Learning Community – A group professional educators, engaged in a discussion about Professional Learning Communities, asked me:  “Would you be so kind as to share more info re: PLC…Could you help me to understand how to get this process in place. What would be the first step-What logistics would need to be in place to implement this effectively?” –  I am publishing my response in hopes to help other educators and education leaders.

Webinars by Wonderlic – Expand your working knowledge through Wonderlic’s series of free, non-credit Professional Development online webinars for adult education specialists.



International Center for Leadership in Education, Inc. – Dr. Willard R. Daggett – has a wealth of experience in assisting schools and districts in implementing organizational changes that translate into world-class curriculum, instruction, and assessment systems. Workshops, consulting, research…



Akademos Textbook Adoption Tool – Find out which textbooks other faculty and learning organizations have adopted for their classes.  Read peer reviews, and compare textbook choices.  Be more conscientious when selecting the textbooks adult students must purchase for your classes.

National Skills Coalition organizes broad-based coalitions seeking to raise the skills of America’s workers across a range of industries. made the initial case for a 21st-century skills guarantee that could address the unmet demand for U.S. workers with middle-skill credentials. Campaign released Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs reports.

California’s Occupations In Demand List – Find your county and download the Excel spreadsheet to see the top 50 careers in demand in your area.

California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards – The California career technical education (CCTE) model curriculum standards are organized in 15 industry sectors. Additionally there are 11 foundation standards within each industry that all students need to master to be successful in the career technical education curriculum and in the workplace:  These are: Academics, Communications, Career Planning and Management, Technology, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, Health and Safety, Responsibility and Flexibility, Ethics and Legal Responsibilities, Leadership and Teamwork, Technical Knowledge and Skills, Demonstration and Application.

Florida Workplace Readiness Skills for the LEP Adult Course Standards.  What you will find:

  • Workplace Readiness Skills for the LEP Adult is a non-credit course which is designed to enhance the English language ability and workplace cultural awareness of employees, thereby improving their opportunities for career development.  INTENDED OUTCOMES: After successfully completing this program the student will be able to:
  • Demonstrate English skills needed for customer service and communication.
  • Demonstrate English skills necessary for job duties and procedures.
  • Demonstrate English skills that document ability to work safely.
  • Demonstrate English skills needed for maintaining and advancing on the job.
  • Demonstrate English skills in the following specific areas.

Florida Department of Education Standardized Student Syllabi – Adult Basic Education

  • ABE Math, ABE Reading, ABE Language
  • Pre-GED Prep – Language Arts (Writing & Reading), Mathematics, Science & Social Studies
  • Adult ESOL Foundations to Advanced
  • GED Prep – Language Arts (Writing & Reading), Mathematics, Science & Social Studies
  • ELCATE (Enlish Literacy for Career and Technical Education) Level A – C
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