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How To Choose The Next Idea or Opportunity to Pursue

May 18, 2012 1 comment

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I get so many ideas and opportunities that I’m constantly mentally weeding through them to determine which to do and when. Kenneth Manesse shared this video clip in our Christian Micro-Entrepreneur’s FaceBook group, and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it here as well.

One of the points Dr Shannon Reece makes in the video suggest the first step in determining whether to pursue a particular idea is to first ask: “Does this align with my (five) highest priorities?”  With this thought, I have taken time to identify my top five priorities I can use as my first line filter for weeding out opportunities and ideas to pursue.

These top five, in no particular order are:

  • Time – Will it completely take over my life?  Do I have time to commit to this? Is it worthwhile enough to eliminate something else from my schedule so I can pursue this one?
  • Christ-centered ethics and beliefs – Is there anything about this idea or opportunity that will conflict with my personal ethics and belief system?
  • Money – Will this idea generate money?  Will it pay for it’s self?  Will it make a profit?
  • Passion & Pathway – Does this idea or opportunity align with the institutions, industries, populations, and concepts I am most passionate about? Does this idea or opportunity help create and/or maintain the pathway I am currently journeying on?  Will it help me reach my goals? Does it keep me mobilized according to my purpose and God’s plan for my life?
  • Family & loved-ones – Will this idea and opportunity be something that is not only fulfilling for me, but also makes my family and loved ones happy to see prospering in my life?

These are my top five priorities, and I encourage you to create a list for yourself.  Having these points pre-determined will help keep you headed in the right direction when you need to make a quick decision.

So, what are your top five priorities? Don’t stop at only thinking about what these might be; document them, post them, and use them.


Workplace Literacy Opportunity – Deli Clerk Needs Help

January 7, 2012 1 comment

I went to Safeway’s deli to order a sandwich the other day. I approached the countertop as the deli clerk said, “May I help you?” She was Hispanic, appeared to be about 30 years old, and had a strong accent. Since I work primarily with adult learners who are non-native English speakers, my deli clerk’s accent was not a challenge for me at all.  I proceeded to order my custom-order sandwich only to find out that the deli clerk did not know the names of meats, cheeses, produce and the variety of breads in English. She was able to carry on a general conversation with me, using language skills she could have learned in a general English as a Second (ESL) language class where the topical lessons are around Life Skills. She, however, lacked the language skills to communicate verbally on something like wheat bread, soft roll, focaccia bread, cheddar cheese, or havarti cheese.  She did not understand statements like “light mayo” or “extra pickles please”.

I felt for her and wished I could stay there long enough to do some workplace literacy vocabulary-building lessons, specially designed to prepare her to do well as a deli clerk. I know there is a real need to provide these types of literacy classes in my community. I can’t help but wonder how long this particular lady will be able to keep her job.  I do know that Workplace Literacy classes can help her succeed.