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Michelle Walker-Wade Workforce, Training & Development  Professional

Michelle Walker-Wade
Workforce, Training & Development

About  Michelle Walker-Wade

Whether at an education & training institution, the workplace, or a community organization, we’re all trying to achieve a certain goal. Most of us realize we need strong partnerships, skilled teams, and trust-worthy networks to get there.

I help individuals and teams ‘get there’ by identifying process, development, and learning needs, and by working collaboratively to locate, implement and evaluate solutions.

I’m most passionate in working with learning & development teams, education technology, career education, customer education, and community outreach.

I value organizational leadership, collaborative teams, transparency, social responsibility, strong partner relationships, and ethical practices.

My Specialties: Adult education management, workplace training, WIOA for Title II, curriculum development, eLearning customers, small business consulting, social media, and organizational communications.

My Areas of Developmental Interest: B-Corps, expanding apprenticeship programs, eLearning development, and identifying new innovations.



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mwalkerwade
Twitter: @mwalkerwade
YouTube: www.youtube.com/workplacelit4adults



What is Workplace Literacy

Workplace literacy includes all the basic skills needed to succeed in any workplace, such as:

  • The ability to read, write, and communicate
  • The ability to communicate and follow instructions, work on a team, behave ethically in the workplace, and work within the culture of the workplace
  • Acquisition of the skills needed to keep up with technological advances
  • And, the overall ability to obtain, retain, and make progressive steps in the workplace

The demands of workplace literacy increase as employees move from low-skill to high-skill positions; in this regard, there is something for everyone in workplace literacy.

As you will see from the content and educational services I provide, my particular target customers are those professionals who, navigating through the world of work and career, struggle to move ahead because of certain knowledge gaps.  For example, many professionals secretly toil over words that don’t quite make sense, so are unable to make certain business proposals.  Further still, many professionals question their own ability to communicate, document, and implement a potential resolution to a business problem. My goal is to bring workplace literacy, business and career strategies to help professionals stay in the game.



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