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Have You Practiced your ‘Elevator Speech’ Lately?

August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Have you practiced your ‘elevator speech’ lately?  What did you say?… You don’t have one?… You didn’t know you needed one?… What is an elevator speech?

I must help you quickly!

Whether you’re a job-seeker, an entrepreneur, sales associate, or a program coordinator of an organization, you need a strategic speech embedded in your memory bank so, at any moment an opportunity arises, you can pique the interest of a listener in 30 seconds or less.

Any time you’re out and about you could potentially run in to your next employer, sales opportunity, and partner organization.  You MUST be ready to convince them that your product or service is worth their consideration.  Are you trying to make a sale during your elevator speech? No, not yet.  What you are trying to do is gain an OPPORTUNITY to make a sale.

So, what’s an elevator speech, and how can you create one? Or, how can you improve the one you already have?  I would take time to explain all that to you, but there are several others who have provided some good advise on the subject.  I’ve selected a few online resources I believe will definitely get you moving on this.

Check out the items below; then, leave us a comment letting us know how these resources helped you.  ~ Enjoy!

“What is your “Elevator Pitch” – by

“How to Perfect the Elevator Pitch” – by

How to craft your 30 second elevator pitch or networking introduction – by Kathy McAfee (this one is my personal favorite)

Lastly, here are a few good articles:

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