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Introducing the America’s College Promise Act 2015 (H.R. 2962)

Introducing Americas College Act 2015

On July 8, 2015 the House and Senate introduced the America’s College Promise Act 2015. This act would make up to two years of community college tuition-free for up to 9 million qualifying students. Funding could cover 100% of in-state tuition and fees (75% covered by Federal funding, 25% by State funding).

Eligible students:

  1. Must be enrolled in an eligible program at a community college for the first time
  2. Must attend college on at least a half time basis
  3. Must also maintain satisfactory progress in their course of study
  4. Must enroll in:
  • academic programs that fully transfer to a bachelor’s or graduate degree at any public college or university in the state
  • occupational skills training programs that lead to a recognized postsecondary credential in an in-demand industry sector or occupation in the state

The bill includes funding for community college, technical college, tribal colleges and historically black colleges and minority serving institutions.

It’s important to note:

  • The Federal will provide $3.00 for every $1.00 of State funding.
  • States’ must agree to participate.
  • If a State opts-in, colleges must also commit to certain education reforms aimed at improving the quality of the educational experience and its outcomes.
  • This act is in effort to build a strong workforce and global economy.
  • Thus far, this act is not a bi-partisan effort. It was introduces by the democrats with 61 sponsors.
  • With regards to community college, because this funding only applies to academic courses that are transferable to a 4-year institution, it cannot be used for remedial and/or non-transferable pre-requisite college courses.

As of July 2015, this act has not yet passed. It’s simply been ‘introduced’.

Click here and listen to an audio recording of the live press release.

A recent poll  indicated nearly 70% of Americans oppose free community college. Based on the requirements introduced in this bill, what are your thoughts? Yay or nay?