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WIOA!!! What’s Going to Happen to Low Literacy Adults (Part 2)

Many adult education practitioners share the concern that while WIOA legislation ‘says’ Family Literacy is an eligible activity, the law is so job-focused that it seems to leave no room for parents who do not work outside of the home, or for full-time caregivers, nor for retirees/senior citizens who do not plan on returning to work. This is a fully-loaded question and may be the reason why so many adult education professionals are not ready to tackle the changes WIOA may bring. It’s not yet clear where this demographic of learners will fall in the spectrum, nor how education providers will account for serving this group of participants under WIOA. It is believed that changes to core ESL programs will happen later on in the transitional phase-in of WIOA. Some have asked about the possibility of Federal WIOA funds (vs. State funds) be used to serve Family Literacy needs. For now, the answer to this question has not been clarified. The good news is…this concern has been heard! Take a look the National Skills Coalitions May 18th webinar. It’s one of the best I’ve seen to address concerns most relevant to Title II / AEFLA thus far. https://youtu.be/I1GdL6f6Tx0

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