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Interesting Statistics About Resumes

HireMeThe Competition

  • Yahoo gets roughly 2,000 résumés a workday
  • Google once got 75,000 résumés in a single week!
  • 27,000 other resumes are posted on Monster alone each and every week
  • Online job postings often draw hundreds or thousands of responses within just 24 hours
  • One job posting on Monster can generate 200+ résumés in less than a day and most of those résumés will not be qualified for the job
  • Generally, companies receive 50 to 75 résumés for each skilled position and up to 300 for customer-service and entry-level positions.


  • A typical medium-large company gets around 100-200 job applicants per position.
  1. These 100-200 are quickly filtered down to a group of 25 with a 10-30 second glance
  2. The 25 are given a second look, and then filtered down to about 5-10
  3. These 5-10 candidates are given an assessment/test that filters the group down to 3-5
  4. 3-5 get interviews
  5. 1 gets hired


The Challenge of Getting Noticed

  • 75 percent of candidates are eliminated by their résumé alone
  • 53 percent of résumés contain falsifications, and the résumé reviewer can often sense it before even meeting you
  • A recruiter or hiring manager only gives most résumés an initial 10-30 second glance and then sorts it into 1 of 3 piles: Keeper, Maybe, Trash
  • The initial glance generally looks at 1) job titles, 2) companies you worked at, 3) start/end dates and 4) education.
  • Only 17 percent of recruiters bother to read cover letters unless you make the short list
  • 60 percent of resumes reviewed by a computerized scanning system are never seen by human eyes.


Your Online Footprint

  • More than 90 percent of employers are using some form of social media in their quest to find new talent.
  • Most recruiters find résumé reading to be their least preferred method for finding good talent; networking, word-of-mouth, and blog and social media postings are more preferred
  • For every 10 minutes you spend on your résumé , you should spend an hour on LinkedIn.
  • 73 percent of recruiters have hired someone who was introduced or discovered through a social media/networking site.


Your Résumés Format

  • Your résumé should be no longer than 2 pages
  • Your font should be 10 -12pt; no larger, no smaller
  • Your margin should be 1″. Definitely no less than .8″
  • Your career summary should be no more than 3-5 lines
  • 1 percent of recruiters will automatically dismiss a résumé because it contains a single typo
  • 43 percent of hiring managers will disqualify a candidate from consideration because of spelling errors
  • 76 percent will reject the résumé if you have an unprofessional email address
  • 60 percent of résumés are ignored because they’re not formatted correctly or are too cluttered


Miscellaneous Stats

  • Over 50 percent of applicants for a typical job fail to meet the basic qualifications for that job
  • 90% of the time your “passion” is not what the hirer wants or needs
  • 80 percent of those receiving an offer will accept it


The statistics above were taken from a variety of online sources. One article in particular deserves credit for several of the facts shown above. I encourage you to read the article in it’s entirety: “Why You Can’t Get A Job … Recruiting Explained By the Numbers” by Dr John Sullivan

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