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Prision vs. Princeton – Figures by Public Administration – Hmmmm?

You can check out the graphical presentation published by the Public Administration for yourself. I believe you will find it interesting and aesthetically pleasing; but before you get caught up on the hype, ponder this…

  • Check this out… Just a few scrolls down this image you will see figures comparing the number of African Americans in prison Vs. in college. This is one of those things that made me go “Hmmmmm…?” asking myself just why this publication singled out African Americans, showing no other race or nationality of people.
  • And just in time for Occupy Wall Street’s Student Debt Refusal Campaign, take a look at the spending figures:  1 year in NJ State prison $44k; 1 year at Princeton $37k. At this rate, a student borrowing student loans could have a principal balance of $148k on a 4-year plan, and $185k on a 5-year plan – and don’t forget to accrue interest. The result could be a monthly student loan payment of $1050-$1310 per month.  Ouch, right?
    I do appreciate seeing these figures; I only wish they were more realistic, making them useful in the eyes of young adults and low-skilled workers of every race and nationality. Nonetheless, it’s a good read… Enjoy.
  • Prison vs Princeton

Created by: Public Administration

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