Occupy Student Loans???

Occupy Student Loans??? Really???

Careful with this one protesters! Your latest plan to stop making your student loan payments, forcing them to default could come back to bite you in your golden years.  Sallie and Fannie don’t mind waiting for their money.

I have paid (and am still paying) my share of student loans and I consider myself blessed because I am able to actually use the education I’m paying for. Contrary to some of the ideas of the Occupy Student Loans initiative, I do not believe higher education should be free. I do think people should REALLY consider the reality of the higher ed price tag before signing up. As one who is in education management, I wish I could convince our western society of how beneficial it is to get a hard-core, money-making skill and some work experience before pursuing the career of their passion – you know, the one that may or may not produce financial stability.

Here’s an informative video produced by InflationUS called “College Is A Scam”.  It’s about 1 hour in length, very interesting and informative.  While I DO NOT agree with everything said, I must say it is quite enlightening.  I recommend you watch it with an open mind…

While I neither agree nor disagree with the Occupy Study Loan initiative, I do hope these young people understand the dicey risk they’re taking.

~ Michelle Walker-Wade


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