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I need a job!!!! like right now.. I am tired of waiting…

I recently read an informative piece by Job Talk With Anita Clew called: “Hiring Process”. This article discusses two employment options that staffing agencies offer: temp-to-hire and direct hire.  At the end of her article a reader posted the following comment:

“yeah ok.. i need a job!!!! like right now.. i am tired of waiting for a agency to call me.”

My article is in response to the reader’s comment.  I know she is not alone in this sentiment of frustration and in no way do I write to belittle the fact that anyone currently searching for a job has a reason or right to be frustrated.  You’re feelings are VALID!


In a tough job market like today, no one can wait for an agency to call them. Agency account mangers are bombarded with tons of applicants and fewer available positions than normal. When a job comes up, the account manger will usually think to his/herself: “Hmmmm who would be good for this position?”  And quite naturally his/her mind will roam to the persons whose names and faces have continually come up before them. Or, IF the job opening requires some type of uncommon skill and work experience, and you have that uncommon work experience, then your name or face might flash before the account mangers eyes and he/she will look for you.

It is unlikely that waiting for a call will result in a job placement. You as the job-seeker (job-needer) must make sure that your name and face continually comes up before your account manager. No, I’m not saying that you should drop by the agency’s office 3 times a week, but at the very least you should:

  1. Call the agency weekly
  2. Do the online tutorials that many agencies offer, and then request to take more of the skills test. This will cause your electronic profile to continuously keep updating with a fresh date.
  3. Update and/or refine your résumé, upload it to the system and email it to your account manager about 2 times a month.
  4. Use the agency’s online job search tool and apply for positions that fit your qualifications and that you would be willing to accept.
  5. Work regularly with multiple agencies, but put more of your efforts into working with the account manager that has been most responsive.

So many people need a job right now, and it is hard to keep tugging along when nothing seems to be working. But remember, it is the one who stays diligent in business who will find his/herself standing in front of their new boss with a smile and a sense of relief.

~ Keep your head up!  Michelle Walker-Wade
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